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Move to Free Content

October 1, 2007

The Financial Times has announced that it will be making more, but not all, of its online content free to users. The New York Times reports that this move is in preparation, “for a fierce battle with The Wall Street Journal over business readers and online advertising revenue.” Ien Cheng, publisher of, stated that, “To get caught between all this ‘free’ or ‘paid’ is too simplistic.” Cheng sees the partially free site is a “third way.” The news comes on the heels of a similar announcement by the New York Times. The New York Times must differ with Cheng’s assessment; they tried the third way for two years only to abandon it earlier this month. Meanwhile anticipation is mounting about the direction Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation agreed to by the Journal’s parent company Dow Jones.

Financial Times Will Allow More Free Access to Web Site
New York Times

Murdoch’s Choice: Paid or Free for
Wall Street Journal